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2022-October-19 Resolved Service Incident
Incident Report for Sauce Labs


Wednesday October 19th 2022, 11:45 - 13:10 UTC

What happened:

All iOS devices lost internet connection after a firewall rule was removed.

Why it happened:

iOS devices lost internet connection after a firewall rule was applied that prevented public access to Our iOS devices have a proxy configured that points to this domain for downloading a “Proxy auto-config” (PAC), and since that failed they lost internet connection.

How we fixed it:

We restored the firewall rule, and connectivity was re-established.

What we are doing to prevent it from happening again:

The team is investigating ways to extract the parts of the system that need internet connectivity. For example, storing the PAC file in publicly accessible cloud storage instead of hosted under

Posted Nov 08, 2022 - 14:31 UTC

Between 12:45 UTC and 13:15 UTC We experienced decreased availability and internet connectivity in iOS real devices in both US-West-1 & EU-Central-1 datacenters. This issue is now resolved, all services are fully operational.
Posted Oct 19, 2022 - 13:23 UTC