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We are experiencing an intermittent issue in our US-West-1 datacenter that causes elevated wait times and error rates when starting desktop browser and virtual mobile device tests. Until we address the underlying causes of this issue, we expect this issue to continue to reoccur. We will post incidents here on our status page as each instance of this issue occurs whilst we continue to work to address the underlying cause.
2023-February-2 Service Incident 3
Incident Report for Sauce Labs


Thursday February 2nd 2023, 21:20 - 23:15 UTC

What happened:

The number of devices reported as unavailable in one of our US data centers reached 5% for iOS devices and 20%. Our data center engineers were alerted when device availability dropped below 80% and continued to show a sustained drop in available devices. 

Why it happened:

A service called device inspector queries our device pools and reports back the set of available devices. This service runs on 2 nodes, and one of them failed to query the device pool and subsequently marked devices as unavailable. 

How we fixed it:

We restarted the affected device inspector node, and the number of offline devices returned to normal levels. 

What we are doing to prevent it from happening again:

We are looking at ways to improve the monitoring of the device inspection process and the logic it uses to handle these situations better.

Posted Feb 23, 2023 - 22:04 UTC

After taking remedial action, Real Device availability on US-West-1 data center is back at full capacity. This issue is now resolved, all services are fully operational.
Posted Feb 02, 2023 - 23:45 UTC
We are currently experiencing decreased availability in our Real Device Cloud for the US-West-1 datacenter. We are currently investigating
Posted Feb 02, 2023 - 22:50 UTC
This incident affected: Automated Real Device Testing (US-West) and Live Real Device Testing (US-West).