Sauce Labs Maintenance Windows for Sauce Labs
We are aware of and working to resolve intermittent WiFi connectivity and slowness issues affecting Android Real Devices in our US-West-1 data center. Please contact our Support team should you wish to report any such issues.

Sauce Labs Planned Maintenance
Scheduled for Dec 11, 18:00 - 20:00 UTC
Sauce Labs will have a two hour previously scheduled maintenance window on Saturday, December 11 2021, starting at 18:00 UTC and ending at 20:00 UTC. During this maintenance window, we will be making updates to our infrastructure and services in our US-West-1 data center. These maintenance actions may cause portions of the service (including running automated and manual tests) to be unavailable for up to two hours.
Posted Apr 13, 2021 - 22:04 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: Live Virtual Mobile Device Testing (US-West), Sauce Labs UI (US-West), Live Browser Testing (US-West), Automated Browser Testing (US-West), Insights (US-West), IPSec VPN (US-West), Billing (US-West), Legacy RDC REST API (US-West), Sauce Connect (Legacy RDC) (US-West), Sauce Labs REST API (US-West), Sauce Connect (US-West), Automated Real Device Testing (US-West), Automated Virtual Mobile Device Testing (US-West), Live Real Device Testing (US-West), and API Testing (API Fortress) UI, API Testing (API Fortress) Platform, Visual Testing Hub, Visual Testing Infrastructure, Visual Testing REST API, Visual Testing (Screener) UI,